Sri Lanka Diary #Post1

When opportunities fall into your lap you scoop them up, not dust them off.

Deciding to go on a one-and-a-half month trip to Sri Lanka happened quite by accident. I had always wanted to travel and explore, but without having to give up on writing or relaxing. I never like to travel to exhaustion, like having that go-go-go attitude and seeing as much as you can in as short a period as possible.

I like to travel to get away from my tedious life back in the city, with a job and social life.

Travel for me is exploring at a pace that gives me space to breathe, time to contemplate, and time to capture the moments I live in writing.

So an Aiesec opportunity of voluntourism seemed like a good place to start. I was getting to stay with locals, guided by a team of Aiesacers, who are university students born and brought up here. I would share the house with international EPs/volunteers. That’s a mix of cultures you rarely find anywhere else. And the trip would last for over a month, so that’s plenty of time for everything.

I’ll finally get time to talk about my book A Long Way Home on social media, update my blog, to write more, and to take it all in – whatever has been happening in the 25th year of my life. And I’ll say, it’s the most happening year I’ve had yet.

So come fly away with me to an island where I’m hoping to find something I am not looking for, yet can’t wait to discover it.

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