10 Problems Only A Bookworm Will Understand

Fictional world is addictive. You immerse yourself in a book and forget about the real world, at times about self and surroundings, and start to live in the world writer has created for you. Once you step into it, world that is not your own yet feels so much like one, you don’t want to get out of

10 Perks Of Traveling In Mumbai Local Early Morning

As youngsters, we’ve forgotten how it felt like to wake up early in the morning to get ready for school. And if you’re anything like me, you dreaded that time. Waking up is always a nightmare when you’re usually a pro nocturnal. Even now when I’ve to wake up at dawn to get ready for college, I

Love Letters (A Short Story)

This is a story I wrote for an anthology contest by Author’s Ink. When I heard about this small contest, I first started to rework on one of my previous short stories for submission, but got bored. I felt stuck in a place, reworking on something I had written ages ago. I was also tired of reading

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini [Recommended Read #2]

What is it about: A powerful, heart wrenching tale of friendship between two women from different generations, Mariam and Laila, during the period of war and rise of Taliban in Afghanistan. Women in the book Mariam is innocent, gullible, but a hero in her own way. She is wise and has an invincible spirit, just like Laila

9 Lessons You’ll Learn In Your First Job

You tend to cherish your experience of stepping into the professional world for the first time. There are always things you learn about the world and yourself newly. Here’s a list of common lessons you’ll learn in your first job which the school or college might prepare you for but only experience will make you understand. Time

Love is Blind (A Short Story)

Writing short stories is always fun and also a break from writing novels that practically never end until they do.  You can write a short story in a day and feel just as accomplished as you do when you finish the first draft of a novel. I try to maintain one simple goal when I write

Landline by Rainbow Rowell [Recommended Read #1]

What is it about: TV writer Georgie McCool can’t actually visit the past; all she can do is call it, and hope it picks up. When Georgie discovers a magical phone, all she wants to do is make things right with her husband. Maybe she can fix the things in their past that seem unfixable in the

Writing Prompt #1 (writing a scene)

So I attended a small writing workshop long ago where they gave us a situation and we had to write a scene based on the specified requirements. Time limit was twenty minutes initially, which extended to half an hour since none of us had finished. I know. Never on time. THE SITUATION: A middle-age woman is