9 Lessons You’ll Learn In Your First Job

You tend to cherish your experience of stepping into the professional world for the first time. There are always things you learn about the world and yourself newly. Here’s a list of common lessons you’ll learn in your first job which the school or college might prepare you for but only experience will make you understand.

Time is everything:

Deadlines will loom over you like teeth baring wolves. You can’t choose to bunk whenever you want or turn up late, like alarm-clock-1193291_640skipping first few lectures to get those extra snooze hours. This includes being punctual.

Mistakes can cost you or your company:

Working with friends on a project has little in common with working with a bunch of professionals. This sounds like a no brainer. But experiencing it for the first time can be daunting. Your mistakes can piss off your clients or cost the company and you can’t afford either of that. You’re also answerable to seniors. So the job teaches you to handle pressure, deadlines and working with people.

Everyone is friendly but not everyone is your friend:

handshake-440959_640Most people in working environment like to mind their own business and keep their private and work lives different. They’ll be friendly and nice to you, but most of them don’t want to hear about the fight you had with your mother that morning. Also when things go wrong, people might be quick to shift the blame. So be careful who you associate with. Be friendly to everyone but save your secrets for your best friends.

There are no free lunches:

Value of money will shoot up in your eyes. When you really know how much work goes into earning those pennies, you’ll realize there are no free lunches. If you want to get something, you have to work for it.

Spending your own money is as exhilarating as earning your owlist-850188_640n money:

One of the greatest joys of your first job is the feeling you get when you hold your first check, or see the salary get credited to your account. But more than earning, when you first walk into a store and buy something for yourself without feeling guilty of spending someone else’s money, you’ll comprehend the joy of it. It will make you stand tall in your

Sundays are a gift of god:

In college, a Sunday was whenever you decided to bunk college and stay in. But Sundays suddenly become like a drop of water in a dessert. Sundays are not merely the days you decide to sleep in late or watch TV all day or hang out. They become the days you’ll finally unwind and refill your mind and body.

You’ll start taking your hobbies and free time seriously:

Public holidays are like hidden treasure. When we have too much time to spare we tend to put off doing things. With job you’ll hardly get enough time to do your normal chores. So when you’ll get some, your first instinct wwoman-918981_640ill be to make good use of it. You’ll start to plan how exactly you’ll spend that free day long before it arrives.

You’ll catch up on the book you’ve been wanting to read, get your car serviced, go out with friends you’ve been promising to meet, finish that DIY you wanted to or take a long nap because you really need it and not because you’re simply bored.

Attitude is more important than talent:

No doubt, you get hired for your talent and for what you can bring to the table. But whether you’ll stay or not depends much on your attitude. How you talk to people, how you treat them and how sincere, honest, dedicated and punctual you are will ultimately define you as a person. If you have amazing talent but have a foul attitude that brings down morale of others, you wont stay long.

Sense of obligation:

You’ll have a constant awareness of the fact that you’re getting paid for this job. So you’ll feel an obligation towards your work, to want to be worthy of that pay.


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