Love Letters (A Short Story)

This is a story I wrote for an anthology contest by Author’s Ink. When I heard about this small contest, I first started to rework on one of my previous short stories for submission, but got bored. I felt stuck in a place, reworking on something I had written ages ago. I was also tired of reading my own writing [sometimes you have those days].

So I decided to switch the narrative technique. I have always liked epistolary stories, especially ones that are told in letter form.

Without knowing too much about what the story or characters were going to be or what I was writing about, I dived in. I started off in a familiar territory, writing about my own experience at a concert I had been to with my friends.

Fact: I did not enjoy the concert, the noise, the lights. At one point, I drifted away from my group and stood in a corner. Later I decided I didn’t want to be a spoilsport when my friends pointed out I was looking sad, and joined them. It was an experience I’ll cherish because that was the first time I’d been to a concert. Every experience counts and this one led me to this story. So I have no complaints.

So I started to write this story from the perspective of a girl called “Rose”, nicknamed “Rosie” and the story took off from there.

Click here to read the story online or download it to your computer or e-reader!

I hope you enjoy reading it. If you do, drop me a comment below, like and share with your social media folks. Much love!

[The story first appeared in the anthology Memoirs of Love, published by Author’s Ink.]

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