Love is Blind (A Short Story)

Writing short stories is always fun and also a break from writing novels that practically never end until they do.  You can write a short story in a day and feel just as accomplished as you do when you finish the first draft of a novel.

I try to maintain one simple goal when I write short stories. There has to be some kind of a surprise element. It doesn’t have to be a major earth splitting one that changes the course of the character’s life. It can just be a minor twist, like an incident or a fact the reader didn’t know which the character was aware of all along. This surprise element is what makes any short story complete in itself.

Such stories for writing are hard to come by, at least for me, but I prefer writing them because I love reading them.

I’m sharing one such story called “Love is Blind”, about a girl celebrating her 24th birthday with a bunch of people she doesn’t care about and waiting for someone she does, but who isn’t there… yet.

The story is six PDF pages and approximately 1820 words long.

Download The Story Here

Thank you 🙂

[The story first appeared in the anthology Lovingly Yours, published by Sanmati Publishers & Distributors]

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