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A Long Way Home (My Latest Book Available Now)

So, after almost two years since my last book was published, I’ve finally written another one. Presenting my second novel titled A LONG WAY HOME! Watch the book trailer below. This book is closest to my heart because a lot of things changed since ‘The Guest’ came out. I matured as a person, my choices


So, recently I learned this term called ‘anthropomorphism’ which means humanizing inanimate objects, animals or even God. This is different from personification, where we simply give a human quality to an inanimate object. But when we anthropomorphize an object, we actually make it come alive. It’s the object that’s doing the talking. So, a ‘talking painting’ is

Monster Under the Bed (A Short Story)

“Mom, what is depression?” My four-year-old girl asked as we sat on her bed. I closed the book of bedtime stories in my lap and glanced down at her. “Where did you hear the word, honey?” “You were telling Gramma on phone.” I did mention it to my mother that evening. I debated whether to tell

Love Letters (A Short Story)

This is a story I wrote for an anthology contest by Author’s Ink. When I heard about this small contest, I first started to rework on one of my previous short stories for submission, but got bored. I felt stuck in a place, reworking on something I had written ages ago. I was also tired of reading

Love is Blind (A Short Story)

Writing short stories is always fun and also a break from writing novels that practically never end until they do.  You can write a short story in a day and feel just as accomplished as you do when you finish the first draft of a novel. I try to maintain one simple goal when I write

Writing Prompt #1 (writing a scene)

So I attended a small writing workshop long ago where they gave us a situation and we had to write a scene based on the specified requirements. Time limit was twenty minutes initially, which extended to half an hour since none of us had finished. I know. Never on time. THE SITUATION: A middle-age woman is

Gift of the Daughters (my sister and my gift to our dad)

Back when I was younger, I wanted to do something different for my father on his birthday, something personalized. At the time, I wasn’t much into writing; I only occasionally wrote free verse poems and terrible short stories. And I hardly knew any other art form that I could work on without embarrassing myself. So I explored