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Watching a Japanese Film and getting introduced to Korean Dramas

Recently, I stumbled upon this beautiful hour-long Japanese anime film that explores the friendship between a 15-year-old shoe maker school kid and a mysterious young woman in her late twenties.  It’s called ‘The Garden of Words’ written, directed and edited by Makoto Shinkai. This film had all three elements I love, especially when combined together.

So… No Longer A Student

Almost all my life I’ve had two identities—my name and the tag of being a student. Everywhere I went, that was my occupation, my identity. That was what I said automatically when I was asked what I did. The specifications like ‘student studying what’ and everything came later, but the occupation remained the same. Even

10 Perks Of Traveling In Mumbai Local Early Morning

As youngsters, we’ve forgotten how it felt like to wake up early in the morning to get ready for school. And if you’re anything like me, you dreaded that time. Waking up is always a nightmare when you’re usually a pro nocturnal. Even now when I’ve to wake up at dawn to get ready for college, I

9 Lessons You’ll Learn In Your First Job

You tend to cherish your experience of stepping into the professional world for the first time. There are always things you learn about the world and yourself newly. Here’s a list of common lessons you’ll learn in your first job which the school or college might prepare you for but only experience will make you understand. Time

7 Things I Learnt From My Cat

I’ve had the world’s best dog [don’t we all?] for nine years and there was not a soul I’d known who was more loving and devoted to our family than he was. He had vowed “till death do us apart” and was true to his unspoken words until the end. So when I adopted a

13 Supernatural Abilities Students Get During Exams

Exams are a crucial part of our academic years. Dreadful and unavoidable. But in a way, they’re also funny because during those days, you get to use your cool hidden supernatural abilities that you don’t even know you possess. THEY ARE… You memorize more facts and figures in a minute than you do all year. You’re like a vampire. Sleep and