A new book! (gift for readers)

It’s been a while since my debut paperback novel ‘The Guest’ came out (almost eighteen months) and it will be a while before my next novel releases. Where have I been all this time? Well, sometimes, job and deadlines can take up most of your life.

But since I’ve evaluated my options, pondered over how I want my future to look like, I have been taking writing more and more seriously.

While also working on novels, I have been penning down poems on the side. Now, with writing full-time and working on my second and third novels (which will be published in paperback by Black Ink in collaboration with Harper Collins some time in the future), I decided to publish a small collection of my writings as a gift for my readers.

Coffee and Ordinary Life’ is a collection of simple, heartfelt and inspiring poetry, conversations and musings that celebrate ordinary life with all its imperfections, sorrows and little joys. It explores the themes of love, life, grief, depression, self-actualization and personal growth through the lens of an introvert who uses writing as a preferred way of communicating with mankind. The vignettes are divided into sections of loving, losing, hurting, surviving, conquering, on living today and on writing.

Coffee, the ultimate companion, represents the breaks we take from experiencing life to write about it.

You can download the ebook on your Kindle app or device and for free on kindle Unlimited (which is basically a Kindle library where you can read unlimited books if you’re a member) or you can buy it for 49 Rs.

Check out the book here (Amazon Link)

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Cover Reveal (Click on the picture to download HD image of the cover)

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