A Long Way Home (My Latest Book Available Now)

So, after almost two years since my last book was published, I’ve finally written another one.

Presenting my second novel titled A LONG WAY HOME! Watch the book trailer below.

This book is closest to my heart because a lot of things changed since ‘The Guest’ came out.

I matured as a person, my choices in life altered so much it’s almost difficult to identify with the person I was only a few years ago. I became aware of the incredible power of stories and words that went beyond entertainment. I realised this is what I want to do, even if I had only a few days to live. Because of this realisation, I’m not as tightly closed off about my writing as I was.

And most of all, I have found my voice, my style of writing which has changed a great deal and keeps improving the more I write. Now, I don’t look to tell a simple story to the reader. I wish to hold their hand and lead them into a world that is as much their own as it is mine. I wish to make them fall in love with words, not just the story and characters.

I hope the characters grow to become your companions as they have grown to become mine in the past one year. 🙂

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Order it, share a screenshot of your pre-order with me in the comments or via e-mail (refer to Contact Me Page) and stand a chance to win an Amazon gift card worth Rs. 150!

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