7 Shortest Animated Films to Watch During a Lunch Break

No matter how old I get, I’ll always love a good animation. A Pixar film never disappoints and I strongly believe they cater to adults just as much as they target kids (because I haven’t met a single adult who hasn’t loved their films). But Pixar doesn’t monopolize epicness (is that a word? I’ll go with it, anyway).

I’m always on the lookout for a good short film on the web because with technology, talent has been surfacing like never before. I mostly hang out on YouTube for this purpose. And after watching about a hundred short films over the months, here are a few that I thought excelled in every possible way.

1.  Destiny

A man dies and lives the same life again and again until he figures out a way to save himself. Does he succeed?

Message: Pause. Breathe. Be mindful. Be aware. And just live life because it’s a gift, not because you have to conquer it or excel in it.


2.  Alike

This film speaks in colours and it’s so smartly done, I almost teared up. It explores the relationship between a father and his little son against a black-and-white society, where real joy is expressed in colours.

Message: Don’t let your colours fade away.

Also, that little boy and his U-smile is the cutest thing ever.


3.   Rat Race

Millions of rats chasing happiness. Only, they are us. (This gives a similar message as Alike, but handles it in a very different way.)

Message: There is no end to the chase. No finish line.


4.   The Present

A video-game addict boy gets a handicapped dog as a gift from his mother and he hates it.

Message: It’s not about how your life is. It’s about how you look at it.


5.  In a heartbeat

It’s an endearing story where a heart of a man literally chases another man all around, getting trampled and broken in the process. It was nice to see a gay love story blossom on screen, if only in animated form. (Shout out to two people I absolutely love, Jim Parsons and Ellen Degeneres)

Message:  Well, the heart wants what it wants.


6.  Circle

With no dialogues, this film follows the life of a girl from adolescence to adulthood. The ending comes as a surprise. Poignant, touching and artistic, it would have got a perfect score from me if it wasn’t for the annoying background music. I loved the story, nonetheless. This was relatable on many levels.

Message:  Sometimes we get caught up in life so much that we don’t even realise just how quickly it passes us by.

7.   Sanjay’s Super Team

A boy forced to pray to Hindu deities imagines them as super heroes like the ones he sees on TV. An adventure ensues.

Message:  Encourage imagination in kids and see them soak in the culture and make it their own. (Besides, if you think about it, our deities are super heroes too.)


(Bonus Recommendation)

8.   Alma

A girl gravitates towards a nice little toy store and realises that it is different from any she’s seen before. If you enjoy a creepy story, this one’s for you.


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