13 Supernatural Abilities Students Get During Exams

Exams are a crucial part of our academic years. Dreadful and unavoidable. But in a way, they’re also funny because during those days, you get to use your cool hidden supernatural abilities that you don’t even know you possess.


  1. You memorize more facts and figures in a minute than you do all year.
  2. You’re like a vampire. Sleep and food are the last things on your mind and you can survive without either depending upon the difficulty level of the next paper.people-316506_640
  3. The topics you thought were bouncers miraculously seem easier during exams. And the thoughts like ‘only if I had enough time’ or ‘only if I had started earlier’ peep into your mind.
  4. Your concentration doubles. Your brain grasps info like a dry sponge dropped into a bucket of water.
  5. You can jumble and memorize ten unrelated topics and still not confuse them in exam.
  6. And even if you DO confuse them, your brain congregates all that you’ve studied in your life so far and arrives at a conclusion. Which, not necessarily, might be correct each time.
  7. You’re able to connect two totally unrelated points with each other with sheer logic. Which is, most of the time, made up.writing-1170146_1280
  8. It’s like living underwater. You’re aware of every second you have in hand, just like you’re aware of every breath you take underwater.
  9. Your writing skills pour out of your fingers and reasoning skills out of your brain.
  10. Your writing speed escalates to humanly impossible levels.
  11. Your eye sight gets sharper so you can spot that little tick or that main point from benches away.
  12. You suddenly become the master of literature and writing, twisting words and conveying probably the same thing in five different sentences.
  13. And during that last half an hour your brain cells are more active than a livewire.

So exams really do bring out the best in us if we look at the bright side.

It’s like all our body cells get to work at once and don’t stop working till the instructor yanks the sheet from our clutches. And after you drop off the last paper, that expression of satisfaction which dawns on your face like you’ve had the best sex? Priceless.

But most of us would still prefer staying underwater than going through those dreadful two hours twice every year for two decades of our lives.

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