Sri Lanka Diary #Post1

When opportunities fall into your lap you scoop them up, not dust them off. Deciding to go on a one-and-a-half month trip to Sri Lanka happened quite by accident. I had always wanted to travel and explore, but without having to give up on writing or relaxing. I never like to travel to exhaustion, like

A Long Way Home (My Latest Book Available Now)

So, after almost two years since my last book was published, I’ve finally written another one. Presenting my second novel titled A LONG WAY HOME! Watch the book trailer below. This book is closest to my heart because a lot of things changed since ‘The Guest’ came out. I matured as a person, my choices

7 Shortest Animated Films to Watch During a Lunch Break

No matter how old I get, I’ll always love a good animation. A Pixar film never disappoints and I strongly believe they cater to adults just as much as they target kids (because I haven’t met a single adult who hasn’t loved their films). But Pixar doesn’t monopolize epicness (is that a word? I’ll go

A new book! (gift for readers)

It’s been a while since my debut paperback novel ‘The Guest’ came out (almost eighteen months) and it will be a while before my next novel releases. Where have I been all this time? Well, sometimes, job and deadlines can take up most of your life. But since I’ve evaluated my options, pondered over how

Watching a Japanese Film and getting introduced to Korean Dramas

Recently, I stumbled upon this beautiful hour-long Japanese anime film that explores the friendship between a 15-year-old shoe maker school kid and a mysterious young woman in her late twenties.  It’s called ‘The Garden of Words’ written, directed and edited by Makoto Shinkai. This film had all three elements I love, especially when combined together.


So, recently I learned this term called ‘anthropomorphism’ which means humanizing inanimate objects, animals or even God. This is different from personification, where we simply give a human quality to an inanimate object. But when we anthropomorphize an object, we actually make it come alive. It’s the object that’s doing the talking. So, a ‘talking painting’ is

Writing the Second Book

Writing a book is like giving birth. Although I haven’t had any experience, with giving birth I mean, I’m guessing that’s how it would be. It’s the most terrifying thing you can get yourself into, and once you’re in, you can’t get out until you’re done. It feels a lot vulnerable to share things about

10 fun facts about The Guest

Writing ‘The Guest’, my debut novel published by Black Ink, was a joyride, but it was as much work as it was fun. Here are some quick, fun facts about the book. 1. This book was originally a short story that I expanded into a novella, and then into a novel. The one I submitted