A new book! (gift for readers)

It’s been a while since my debut paperback novel ‘The Guest’ came out (almost eighteen months) and it will be a while before my next novel releases. Where have I been all this time? Well, sometimes, job and deadlines can take up most of your life. But since I’ve evaluated my options, pondered over how

Watching a Japanese Film and getting introduced to Korean Dramas

So I recently stumbled upon this beautiful hour-long Japanese anime film that explores the friendship between a 15-year-old shoe maker school kid and a mysterious young woman in her late twenties.  It’s called ‘The Garden of Words’ written, directed and edited by Makoto Shinkai. This film had all three elements I love, especially when combined


So, recently I learned this term called ‘anthropomorphism’ which means humanizing inanimate objects, animals or even God. This is different from personification, where we simply give a human quality to an inanimate object. But when we anthropomorphize an object, we actually make it come alive. It’s the object that’s doing the talking. So, a ‘talking painting’ is

Writing the Second Book

Writing a book is like giving birth. Although I haven’t had any experience, with giving birth I mean, I’m guessing that’s how it would be. It’s the most terrifying thing you can get yourself into, and once you’re in, you can’t get out until you’re done. It feels a lot vulnerable to share things about

10 fun facts about The Guest

Writing ‘The Guest’, my debut novel published by Black Ink, was a joyride, but it was as much work as it was fun. Here are some quick, fun facts about the book. 1. This book was originally a short story that I expanded into a novella, and then into a novel. The one I submitted

Monster Under the Bed (A Short Story)

“Mom, what is depression?” My four-year-old girl asked as we sat on her bed. I closed the book of bedtime stories in my lap and glanced down at her. “Where did you hear the word, honey?” “You were telling Gramma on phone.” I did mention it to my mother that evening. I debated whether to tell

So… No Longer A Student

Almost all my life I’ve had two identities—my name and the tag of being a student. Everywhere I went, that was my occupation, my identity. That was what I said automatically when I was asked what I did. The specifications like ‘student studying what’ and everything came later, but the occupation remained the same. Even

The Guest

₹ 199   ₹ 85 Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Length: 237 Publisher: Black Ink Editor: Ravinder Singh Date of Publication: 25 May, 2016 ISBN: 9788192982229 18-year-old Neha Ranade has a perfect life; great bunch of friends, comfortable and easy family life, college annual function coming up and a rejuvenating trek lined up. Her days are exciting and full. But when an unexpected guest drops by, her